Products: We manufacture highly functional simple composites from silicone elastomer, fabrics, films, and foils. Our silicone elastomers are designed and developed internally giving us complete control over physical, chemical, and electrical properties of the compound and the composite. We tailor not only product performance but also process performance to provide you with a product that for you and your customer.

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Applications:Our products are used broadly across many industrial applications. 

  • UltraPad®- press pads for traditional, flexible printed circuit, bus bar, and decorative laminates
  • Thermabond®- adhesives for decoupling CTE stress in electronic assemblies
  • Flexible Heater Substrates– dielectric insulation for wire and foil flexible heaters
  • Coil Insulation– high temperature dielectric insulation for large rotating machines
  • Fusible Tapes– self fusing silicone tapes for cable harnessing, pipe/hose repair, vibration dampening

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Capabilities: Our calenders and extruders form bulk silicone rubber into continuous profiles.  Calendered silicone rubber is typically 0.001 - 0.040 inches thick and is applied to a fabric, film, or foil at widths upto 50 inches and length of 300 - 1,500 yards. 

Extruded tapes are typically 0.010 - 0.100 inches thick.  Triangular profiles tapes are unsupported and upto 2 inches wide but rectrangular tapes can be unsupported upto 2 inches wide or supported with woven fabric up to 3 inches wide.  

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