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Arlon LLC, a division of Handy & Harman Ltd., has been a leader in silicone rubber and silicone adhesive technologies since 1954. Silicone rubber is a unique elastomer that delivers high performance electrical insulation in low temperature and high temperature environments. We focus on precision-calendered silicone rubber coated fabric sheets and specialty extruded silicone rubber tapes. Arlon offers the highest performance reinforced silicone solutions in a broad range of products for aircraft, aerospace, and automotive applications to substrates for flame retardant flexible heaters, ducting, and motor coil insulation.

  By specializing exclusively in silicone, we have developed unmatched technical competence. Our development team can custom design materials and processes from the ground up for the most demanding and complex requirements. Learn more about Arlon's silicone engineering and process capabilities.

  Arlon pursues the most rigorous quality standards and controls. The Quality Management System used by Arlon is certified to ISO9001:2008 quality assurance standards. We have incorporated statistical process control methods throughout our manufacturing operations to assure calendering accuracy and precision. 

Our on-site laboratories are equipped to perform full silicone rubber product evaluations (inluding tensile elongation, lap shear strength, dielectric strength, thermal conductivity, and chemical resistance). Our continual focus on quality has resulted in a world-class customer product acceptance rate.

Arlon engineers advance new products from concept through manufacturing and continually improve upon existing processes and equipment. They frequently work hand-in-hand with our customers At Arlon, focus on customer requirements is paramount -- from our customer support specialists to our sales and applications engineers.

Technical Achievement

  At Arlon STD, we thrive on design challenges. We know that your success is our success, so we are dedicated to helping you conquer your most difficult material selection problems. Our research and design department is relentlessly working to maintain technical superiority.

Here are some of our most recent achievements:

Silicone rubber with low gas permeability Optically clear, environmentally resistant silicone rubber
Silicone rubber bonded to:
    Inconel® foil
NASA-listed low outgassing silicone rubber adhesive that passes ASTM E-595 with no special processing
Calendered magnetic silicone/fiberglass composite materials Highly electrically conductive silicones
High temperature silicone with performance at 220C continuous (UL-94HB recognized), 320C non-continuous Low smoke generation, low burn toxicity, highly flame retardant hose and duct materials
Flexible membranes at ultra-low temperatures Sound dampening, highly flame retardant, anti-weathering cover material
Silicone materials/tape suitable for nuclear power industry Silicone polyester fabric membranes capable of 100,000's of flex cycles without damage
Blocking resistant silicone rubber tape for repairable wire bundle wrapping Reinforced adhesive systems with low shear modulus

  We have the tools and the talent required to design materials that meet your specific needs. Arlon STD is your company's silicone engineering department! Tefzel®, Kapton®, Vectran®, & Inconel® are registered trademarks of their respective owners.


  Arlon pursues the most rigorous quality standards and controls. The Quality Management System used by Arlon is certified to the ISO9001:2008 quality assurance standard.


  Arlon is the industry leader and offers extensive experience and expertise in custom compounding, calendering, and application engineering. Go to our capabilities section and find out how Arlon can custom design materials and processes to meet your demanding and complex requirements.

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